Immigrant Ordered Motorcycle Towing from French-speaking Canada to Scarborough ON without Speaking French or English or French

When a headline reads like "Immigrant Ordered Motorcycle Towing from French-speaking Canada to Scarborough ON without Speaking French or English or French" you might have boring alerts ringing in your head but the truth you need to read this story.

Breaking news headlines won't speak of the small story of how immigrants in Canada are, within a few years, becoming more successful than Canadians who've been living here for decades. This story about an immigrant's adventures in Canada ambiguously specify the hard-to-pinpoint factors explaining why immigrants in Canada are becoming richer faster than families who've been living in Canada for centuries.

Instead of giving logical facts in point form, sometimes a good story explains things in a way science is unable to. This year, 2021, a middle aged man from from Africa, having only lived in Canada for several months and without being able to speak English or French, bought himself a motorcycle.

Thanks to our translator we know this man's life dream since childhood was to ride a motorcycle and live a peaceful live with little to no hard work. In Africa, he had lived in a small village, living a life of rough toil, dreaming every night about what life would be like in a country like Canada, especially with a nice motorcycle. Well, guess what. After dreaming in his village for over 40 years he came to Canada and made his dream come true. As a Canadian author, I believe, this is the kind of small story with a big meaning that fiction writers make careers out of. The only difference between this story and fiction is that this is real, although it brings tears to the eyes all the same.

Our African friend arrived in Montreal, Quebec and before finding a place to live with the small amount of money he had saved in Africa, he bought a used motorcycle. As merely the man who interviewed him, it's hard for me to imagine how he was able to buy a motorcycle in Quebec without speaking French. The difficulty I imagine might be the reason why he was tricked into buying a motorcycle that broke down a day later.

I was able to learn in our interview that the reason he ordered motorcycle towing to Scarborough, Ontario instead of getting his motorcycle fixed and driving there is because, with his lack of Canadian languages, wasn't able to coordinate a motorcycle repair service and there was already a tow truck from Scarborough Towing And Tow Truck Services (647-250-0087, 34 Silbury Dr Scarborough, ON M1V 2P3) in his area. Instead, he discovered that a mechanic in Scarborough speaks his language and was prepared to fix his motorcycle on a discount considering his situation.

Now, knowing all this, you might be surprised to learn that I interviewed this courageous immigrant in Edmonton, Alberta and out of respect I paid him $500 for his story. He got his motorcycle fixed in Scarborough and with a massive smile across his face and a few spare dollars in his pocket, with no career and no home, decided to just ride. And he rode - sure did. He's probably out there right now riding his motorcycle on the freeways of this beautiful free country, with a few dollars in his pocket and a huge smile on his face. And it's stories like this that makes me dream of what the future of Canada itself could be.

Thank you for reading.